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EPP Foam T8 x W600 x L1000mm
EPP Foam T8 x W600 x L1000mm
Expanded polypropylene (EPP) has excellent energy absorption and high strength properties. Ideal for aircraft designs.
Expanded polypropylene (EPP) is an engineered plastic foam material. By combining polypropylene resin with magic dust, and applying heat, the material is formed into small plastic beads. These small, closed-cell foam beads are injected into a steam chest to create parts custom moulded into complex shapes using steam heat & pressure.
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  • Light weight with very high strength to weight ratio
  • Withstands multiple impacts without significant damage
  • Highly durable
  • Resistant to water, chemicals and most oils
  • Resistant to temperature extremes from -35C (-31F) up to 130C (265F)
  • 100% recyclable with environmental benefis
Misc Information:
  • Product Code: EPPFOAMT8
  • Retail Price: S$13.00
  • Category: Foam

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